8 Best Apps to Invest in Mutual Funds, in India


Best Apps to Invest in Mutual Funds in India .This mutual fund investment guide is intended for individuals who wish to invest but might struggle with comprehension. Investing in mutual funds has the potential to be a very profitable venture, but selecting the appropriate mutual fund is crucial. Even if you may have a few alternatives, you need carefully assess which mutual fund is ideal for you.

What Are Mutual Funds?

We must first define mutual funds before we can discuss mutual fund applications. These funds combine the capital of several investors and use it to purchase stocks, bonds, and other securities. You may effortlessly monitor your assets and access your money with the help of mutual fund apps, which streamline and simplify the investing process.

8 Best Apps to Invest in Mutual Funds, in India
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How to Choose the Right Mutual Fund App

It takes thought to choose the best app for your investing requirements. Important considerations include your investing objectives, risk tolerance, and desired characteristics.



8 Best Apps to Invest in Mutual Funds in India


Coin by Zerodha


Zerodha is a famous investment platform, and it is an app that provides the ease of investing in mutual funds without any hassle. Additionally, there is also a coin application on this platform that integrates completely with your already existing Zerodha account. Log in to your account on the app, and that’s it, you’re ready

This programme gives you the ability to alter the SIP and to change your investment plan at any moment. It also contains directions for filing taxes, ELSS funds, and a variety of financial programmes. Better user interface is included with the Coin by Zerodha app. It is quite easy to use, and perhaps most crucially, the specialised investment calculator makes it simple to grasp and switch between various financial strategies. Coin by Zerodha has a lot of features that make it a superb software for mutual fund investment.



Groww is an app that you can use for money investment purposes. However, I suggest that if you are new to mutual fund investment planning then you should use this app as it has minimal features that lets you take decisions and make your financial plan without any hassle. It has a simple dashboard that helps you view all investments, annual returns, etc. All you have to do is register yourself on the app, open an account through KYC, From a security point of view, this app has 128-bit SSL encryption which keeps all your financial details safe and easy to use. This app can be considered as the best app to start SIPs and investing in mutual funds.


Paytm Money Mutual Funds App

Paytm Money is a famous app in India; We all also use this app regularly. Although the primary use of Paytm is to make payments to a vendor, it also comes with additional financial services that you can easily choose from. Just install Paytm Money app and proceed. You will also get 1 percent more returns on Paytm Money app; Apart from this, you will also get various investment plans and will be able to build your financial portfolio. Moreover, the app also has no hidden charges if you are buying or selling mutual funds regularly. It takes only 30 minutes to create an account on the Paytm Money app and start your financial investment planning. There is no paper process when you open your account in Paytm Money App. The entire registration process is paperless. So, visit Paytm Money app and plan your financial plan well.



Kuvera is another amazing mutual fund investing application that you can use. You can use it easily and open Kuber account easily. You can build your financial portfolio, manage joint family accounts and track investments. Apart from this, the app also has a simple yet informative dashboard where you can get all the information on policies, financial plans and SIPs. It also lets you set life goals and see whether you are on the right track or not. It also recommends you trending mutual funds that can benefit you in achieving your goal.


ET Money

ET Money is probably the best platform where you can invest your money. Developed by Times Internet and managed by Economics Times Publications, ET Money App is an award-winning application with various benefits. You can easily open an account in it and create your financial account. The most exciting part about the app is its financial calculator, where all you have to do is set a goal, and the app will automatically suggest various mutual fund investment plans. It has a very easy app integration method with various payment apps like GPay, PhonePe, Paytm etc. The main feature of this app is the personalized section that will show you the best performing mutual funds based on investment. Historical performance of mutual fund schemes. People who use this app say that this app is good for investing in support funds.


myCAMS Mutual Funds App

myCAMS is one of the simplest and lightweight apps on this list. Due to its light file size and minimal overall interface, everything is right in front of you to use. So, instead of confusing you, myCAMS gets straight to the point and makes it easy for you to invest in mutual funds.

Furthermore, although it is not a widely decorated app, it is feature-rich. In this, logging in is done through PIN and pattern feature. Then, you can view your MF portfolio or open a new folio. Additionally, you can easily set up your SIP, make purchases, switch and do whatever else suits you conveniently. Surely, it had to be on our list of the best apps to invest in mutual funds in India.


Piggy- Mutual Funds App

Introducing Piggy, India’s leading mutual fund app that revolutionizes the way you invest. With Piggy, all your investment options are easily consolidated under one login, be it investing in direct mutual funds, digital gold, managing portfolio or tracking EPF. The best part is that this app is completely free, there are no hidden commissions or service charges. The sign-up process is incredibly easy, and by investing through Piggy, you can potentially earn up to 1.5% extra returns every year. Gain valuable insight into your mutual fund portfolio by taking advantage of detailed analytics and goal-based investing. You can easily assess the composition of your portfolio across different asset classes and sectors, as well as identify the risks involved.

Angel Bee App

Angel BEE, is an investment app that provides good solution for all your types of fund investors. Angel BEE app helps you manage your mutual fund investments, SIPs and other investment plans in the easiest way. Unlike other apps that suggest where to invest, ANGEL BEE, with its unique feature, tracks all the investments made by customers on this app and suggests whenever there is a need to exit and re-invest. , so helps your customers achieve their goals faster by proactively keeping customers informed.

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In conclusion, your particular financial tastes and goals will determine which mutual fund app is ideal for you. The landscape of 2023 has a number of outstanding possibilities for consideration. Make a wise choice and get started on the path to financial prosperity.

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